Bright Nights - Boutique Hotels of Brighton

Visit Brighton for the absolute day by the seaside. Amble through the vendors, amateur and rides on the acclaimed pier, its whimsical, whitewashed bluff continuing out adjoin the ablaze dejected of the sky and sea; allow in anointed boxes of angle and chips, while seagulls amphitheater hungrily overhead; and watch the calm amnion lap adjoin the smooth, pebbled beaches dotted with striped blooming confections of deckchairs.

At night, yield in a concert at the Brighton Dome, or hit the clubs and ball to just about any affectionate of music imaginable. Brighton is a vibrant, aesthetic city-limits with a little bit of everything: celebrated sites, aces shopping, nightlife and bags of absorbing boutique hotels; it's a accurate London by the sea...

Where to Stay in Style: Bazaar Hotels in Brighton

Blanch House: Trendy, chic, yet refreshingly unpretentious, these canicule Blanch House is a accoutrement amidst bazaar hotels in Brighton with 12 alone advised apartment with adventurous prints, all-embracing designs and fun names like "boogie nights" and "decadence". Their contemporary bar is a abundant abode to mix and admix as it is accessible to the accessible and has a blue 70s boho vibe.

Myhotel Brighton: Characterized by apple-pie curve and a sleek, avant-garde design, Myhotel Brighton is yet accession characteristic accession to the bazaar auberge chain. Highly afflicted by Miami minimalism and feng shui Zen, apprehend to see a lot of crisp, white linens and cogitating crystals - auspicious to the spirit and abiding to ample you with absolute energy.

What to Do in Brighton

Royal Pavilion: One of England's a lot of aberrant actual buildings, the Brighton Royal Pavilion was the vacation home of the atrocious George IV. When he aboriginal accustomed in Brighton, the Pavilion was a simple farmhouse, which he proceeded to enlarge and aggrandize into an Eastern fantasy of Indian and Chinese architecture, abounding of affluent accoutrement and ballsy chandeliers.

Brighton Pier: When you can see the acme of roller coasters and aflame carnival lights of the assurance on the pier, you apperceive you are in Brighton. Probably the a lot of iconic allure in the city, the Victorian berth is a abundant abode for a ancestors outing. Come to eat, shop, ride or just adore some beginning air and a attractive appearance of the sea.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery: Brighton has consistently had a rich, aesthetic heritage. The anew adapted Brighton Museum appearance travelling exhibitions as able-bodied as galleries showcasing 20th-century Art Nouveau and added all-embracing actual collections.