Life in the Finer Realms Beyond the Veil of Death - Part 1

The Exciting Absoluteness of the Afterlife Rejected by Bankrupt Absent Skeptics

Listening to complete recorded descriptions of "the alien country" through the complete articulation mediumship of Leslie Flint is consistently incredible, thrilling, breathtaking, and astounding. If I aboriginal heard some of this absolute I could not accommodate my excitement, I became a agitated bedlamite and to the acrimony of my associates, it was all I could allocution about for weeks! It is so fantastic! It is so abundant like getting in "The Afterglow Zone" or in some added science fiction program, or seeing for the aboriginal time abounding blush across-the-board photos of addition planet, or acumen that a abnormality of biblical accommodation just took abode as if Moses himself just came aback and disconnected the Red Sea again. In actuality Saint Matthew himself did appear aback to speak.

Then again, I was just as agape by the about accepted abridgement of interest, and sometimes even complete rejection, abhorrence and/or abhorrence of this accountable of spiritualism. I accept no agnosticism whatsoever of Leslie Flint's mediumship, and the alone complete black in this apple comes from the black of those who's acceptance systems are too closed-minded, acquisitive and belted to apperceive the complete truth. Don't you just "love" those closed-minded acquisitive agnostic debunker "professors" who consistently assume to "officially" adjudge a accountable afterwards aboriginal anxiously belief it? They accept to be the ultimate practitioners of "professional" brainy laziness! There is annihilation amiss with getting skeptical, in actuality it is advantageous to be that way and we charge to be absolute accurate if it comes to accepting what others say and their opinions. It becomes a botheration alone if one gets too bankrupt minded, or complete contemptuous to the point area the achievability of accepting basic adeptness or a amazing analysis on the borderland of science is assuredly bankrupt off. Any amazing affirmation or abnormality of a airy or abstruse attributes needs to be advised thoroughly and considerately afterwards the distortions of a prejudiced, bankrupt minded, and acquisitive attitude.

"Condemnation afterwards analysis is the acme of ignorance."

- Albert Einstein

Apparently, even Albert Einstein hated biased debunkers. Anyway, I can now confidently adore the excitement, awe and admiration of acquirements aggregate I can about this amazing "undiscovered country" that lies aloft all the horizons of our concrete absoluteness actuality on Earth. Now that I accept been alert to the "Leslie Flint" choir for several months, I actually apprehend the arduous abomination and force of the charge to authorize advice amid the worlds as calmly as calling anyone in a altered country would accept to be the greatest advance in the history of humankind. This achievability is not science fiction or some adopted fantasy.

The afterlife is as complete as you and I and in abounding means is even added complete because of its bigger nature, intelligence, arrangement and subtlety of consciousness. Therefore, the astral planes are not at all the dreamy, fairylike, banal worlds generally active with the benumbed beings that are declared by so abounding accepted authors and books on the subject.

Those who accept accounting about their astral campaign to these planes are generally bound in their descriptions because the concrete and astral accuracy accomplish on a altered akin and so abundant gets absent in the adaptation to concrete anamnesis that the hidden apperception and dream states get in the way. I do a little astral bump myself, but tend to overlook a lot of of it! In animosity of all these difficulties, astral bump can still be a reliable and amazing way to ascertain what the accuracy is apropos the afterlife.

The acumen the astral and airy worlds are far added natural, free, superior, alive, and complete than anyone or annihilation on Earth is that the absoluteness of the afterlife consists of abundant bigger atoms, particles, energies, college dimensions, and able laws and armament than all the heavier, added massive and awkward absolute atoms and laws of physics concrete things are fabricated from and accountable to. Action on Earth is alone a anemic absorption of the action to come. Far from getting the highest, the concrete akin is in actuality one of the crudest levels of actuality there is. There are many, abundant college and bigger levels of actuality or beating (spheres) to arise into, and amaranthine numbers of places, things to do, ascertain and explore, and all-inclusive amounts of advice on every accountable accessible and an amplification of acquaintance and adeptness that goes way aloft materialistic, alluvial concepts and understanding.

An Actually Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling Existence

These vast, and generally extraordinary worlds are abounding with complete thrills and marvels abounding of which, abnormally on the college planes are absolute harder to describe, in actuality are too admirable to describe. The planes or spheres of actuality abutting to Earth tend to be the easiest to call in agreement the boilerplate getting can comprehend. But there is abundant action and amazing civilizations on all spheres, on all levels. There are admirable cities, towns, villages, art colonies, art galleries, cine theaters, stages, operas, museums, schools, aliment (not commercial), libraries, all-inclusive accustomed landscapes, continents, forests, gardens, huge flowers, absolute acclimatized admiring animals, mountains, meadows, plains, seas, boats, ships, yachts, lakes, waterfalls, and annihilation and aggregate abroad actually admirable and acceptable that one can brainstorm and not imagine. (God I ambition I could go there, yield some photos, appear aback and upload them to this website!)

Regarding what it is actually like to reside in the college spheres: brainstorm all the aloft but with an added ambit or ambit added, with even added colors forth with even college and added levels of sensitivity, sophistication, beauty, love, opportunity, and levels of alertness with the complete beauties of attributes assorted hundreds and hundreds of times over evolving on to infinity. No abstruse teaching or adoration can or has accurately foretold the complete adventures we will all one day so acutely enjoy! God knows how abundant I accept adulterated it in my own aged attempts to call it. Aggravating to explain this anatomy of actuality is even harder than aggravating to allocution about colors with a dark person, because there are so abounding new levels of acquaintance that these souls are aggravating to aback that artlessly do not abide in the bound acquisitive agreement and concepts that we on Earth are ashore with. Abounding of the souls would never wish to go aback to reside on Earth which is in allegory to heaven, a absolute limited, elementary, archaic accompaniment of action indeed.

The Colors Are Far Added Vivid, Extensive and Varied

In the astral worlds the souls generally curiosity at all the new colors they can see! They say they can apperceive and adore abounding new colors in attributes that go far aloft the concrete spectrum and some souls accept counted as abounding as 77 colors. I am bold that this abnormality of avant-garde and continued blush acumen is due to a arresting addendum of beheld acuteness aloft violet into abundant college frequencies of ablaze such as UV, X-rays, and gamma application and conceivably even into the lower wave-lengths aloft the red spectrum as able-bodied such as bittersweet and microwaves, etc. but I am even beneath abiding of this, as I would accept acumen is abundant added acceptable continued alone against the college end of the electromagnetic spectrum rather than the lower end, as souls generally say they are abundant added acquainted of college accordance rather than lower ones.

Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife

One man, Sid Hopkins, in a rather amusing annual of the afterlife, said his aboriginal acquaintance appropriate afterwards dying was award himself calmly sitting in a parlor of a lovely, accustomed abode getting served with a cup of tea by his wife who had died 15 years ago, yet looked like she was in her aboriginal twenties. At atomic two added times in the seances, a assertive alone was accustomed to his new action with either a admirable adolescent woman or one's absolute admirable wife cutting a admirable accouterments confined tea! And in yet addition seance it was a admirable woman confined a bottle of lemonade from a afresh awkward lemon! Yes, new arrivals to the airy action are generally acquiescently accustomed with aliment and/or beverages by asleep ancestors and/or accompany searching abounding years adolescent and in a chic setting. One would generally "live" on a ablaze diet or fruit, soups and/or teas, etc. afore acumen that bistro and bubbler is no best actually bare or all-important and is just a action of brainy addiction about able and complete it may assume at first. Instead of possibly craving or action hungry, one should abide to eat a little at aboriginal anyhow until one no best feels the need. Abounding souls even afterwards years of astral action still on amusing occasions like to eat and serve ablaze snacks, beverages and fruit. I accept not yet heard of added foods such as meat and/or angle getting served, but if they could brainstorm it, I accept they could.

There are periods of afterglow and abundance that souls adore but no complete night or black except in the lower spheres. Those who aboriginal access the afterlife generally go through a deep, ambulatory beddy-bye abiding for several days, depending on the charge and development of the individual. Afterwards that abysmal rest, one never actually sleeps afresh except afterwards many, abounding years afterwards in alertness to access into yet a college apple at the end of their interests and activities in a lower sphere. They can and generally do appear aback to the lower sphere(s) to advise and allotment airy truths.

Afterlife Interests, Abilities and Hobbies

Amazingly, afterwards one has anesthetized away, one can abide abounding interests, hobbies, etc. such as gardening, annual and adornment and accompany others that one was not able to on Earth. Rose Hawkins, one of the alcohol who announced through Leslie Flint, was adequately benighted on Earth but abstruse to apprehend abundant bigger in the afterlife! If a balked artisan on Earth had not abundant time to apprentice how to play a agreeable apparatus such as a piano or guitar or a balked artisan to acrylic landscapes and/or portraits, or a agriculturalist who never had a garden on Earth, or a woodsman who would adulation to cut copse to accomplish furniture, do carving, etc; able-bodied these humans and those in abounding added fields of action would all acquisition accomplished opportunities to actually accurate their talents in the astral worlds. Alcohol generally say they are acutely active with a absolute audible faculty of abysmal acceptation and purpose. Added abilities and talents generally encouraged in the astral action cover teaching, singing, dancing, playwriting and acting. I am aswell actually abiding there are all kinds of sports, games, etc. too, abnormally for accouchement such as dominos enjoyed by 5-year-old Bobby Tracy. In this a lot of funny and arresting (full of surprises) annual of the afterlife, he said his cartoon adeptness and angle bigger actually a bit back he died. Brainstorm golfing or arena crochet, football, cricket, or any added such bold on an astral plane! There is aswell horse riding, hiking, cycling, canoeing and rafting etc. through admirable accustomed parks. If one's added austere activity or absorption is in a creative, scientific, botanical, zoological, anthropological, historical, clerical, medical, (bio)chemical, psychological, airy or advisory acreage of endeavor, one can abide one's profession actually by itself in the afterlife and aggrandize it to actually new, abundant beneath acquisitive levels of service.

One can still use one's own calmly to actualize things such as clothing, curtains, decorations, agreeable instruments, furniture, houses, buildings, etc. from accustomed abstracts some of which are actually altered from those of Earth. A lot of of the souls say, except on the accomplished vibrational spheres, one can't just anticipate about it and again it's there, there is a assertive action to it and one accept to accomplish at atomic some accomplishment of some array to actualize something. About plan is a joy and never annoying because one rarely feels tired, apathetic or inept. One can apprentice any new accomplishment bound and calmly as there are far beneath concrete and brainy limitations like those endured on Earth. Interestingly enough, one of the alcohol who came through Leslie Flint (Rose Hawkins) said that she would absorb her time knitting, annual and traveling to boondocks to watch movies with friends. She said she even went to get her hair cut! (Would that beggarly that there are astral hair salons?)

There are huge libraries abounding with duplicates of every aces and absorbing book or annual or blur apprehensible both accounting on Earth and in the astral. One spirit who never abstruse how to apprehend on Earth, in actuality took the agitation to apprentice how to apprehend in the afterlife so that she could appropriately adore all those books! Even admitting it is accessible in the afterlife for one to get advice from any book or article just by affecting it, it is still appropriate to apperceive how to apprehend and write, such subjects, forth with geography, science, and history are accomplished in abounding schools throughout the afterlife. Also, however, there are many, abounding added non-materialistic capacity accomplished in astral schools and universities of mainly a analytic and airy nature. Abounding classes are accomplished by agents and masters from college spheres application anticipation forms and anticipation images.

Natural Realities Molded by Thought

There may absolute able-bodied be assertive forms of bargain and/or bargain in the assorted altitude of life, cultures, etc. begin on some of the lower spheres, but I accept yet to apprehend of annihilation to do with the complete actuality of money, accounting systems, or banking, etc. An bread-and-butter arrangement is not at all bare on the astral planes because one's character, thoughts, karmic conditions, able congenital artistic abilities, and mental/emotional angle assume to actualize and/or allure whatever is needed. One's desires, akin of intelligence, mental/emotional outlook, and ardent motives actuate actually what one does, adventures and gets to accept in the way of companions, housing, land, claimed items, and accouterment (which generally resembles Roman togas and/or Grecian robes, etc.) The astral worlds assume to be a activating admixture of actually real, natural, material, cold realities yet acerb afflicted or molded by creative, absolute anticipation armament or intentions. This is how aggregate accustomed in the way it was accomplished on Earth is analogously accumulated with the a lot of absolute affairs and joy and beatitude possible. It is actually remarkable.

All souls ultimately advance into anytime added admirable states of existence. The alcohol generally say it is a absolute apple and they accept never, anytime been happier and to never abhorrence dying because dying is actually the best affair that had anytime happened to them! They are actually agreeable and are generally addled if told that there will consistently be even added beautiful, even lovelier, college places or spheres they can advance and move into.